Sri Nityananda Prabhu - Distributor of Sri Gauranga's Love

In Ekchakra, Birbhum present West Bengal in 1395 Saka, 1473 A.D. on the Maghi Shukla Trayodasi, 12 January Nitaichand descended on this earth. His father was a Brahmin of Shandilya Gotra named Mukunda Bandopadhya (popularly known as Harai Pandit) and mother Padmavati Devi. After the sacred thread ceremony of Nitaichand an unknown sanyasi arrived at their house and begged Harai Pandit to leave Nitaichand with him. Nitaichand left Ekchakra with the Sanyasi never to return again. For 20 long years, He traveled extensively throughout the country during which period he was initiated (diksha). While in Vrindaban, Nitaichand came to know through hearsay that Lord Krishna has reincarnated in GOUD (presently Bengal). Without any further delay he proceeded towards GOUD and arrived straight at Nabadwip. Here he took incognito shelter in the house of Nandan Acharya. Thus by very nature we see that Nitaichand was averse to publicly assert Himself. Just like a vessel full to the brim, which makes little noise Nitaichand chose not to be ostentatious. Narottam Thakur likened Nitaichand to a pot full of sublime love from which Sri Chaitanya drank to His hearts content and let others have a taste of it too. Even Sri Chaitanya remarked to His near and dear ones to wait for a day or two within which he expected the ascendance of a Divine personality. At last Sri Chaitanya seeked out Nitaichand and two met for the first time on the shukla chaturdasi in the month of ASAD. The significance of this historic meeting cannot be described in a few words. It is suffice to say that it affected the total gamut of religion, culture and society and brought about a revolution. The next day was SRI GURU PURNIMA, Nitaichand offered garland at the Lotus feet of Sri Chaitanya and declared that HE-Sri Chaitanya was the only one to be worshipped.

Nityananda MahaprabhuThe union of Sri Chaitanya and Sri Nityananda signified the completion of a full circle. For the next six years the world was a witness to their activities which ultimately led the world towards the path of salvation. Sri Chaitanya repeatedly brought Nitaichand to the forefront and declared that it was HE who was capable of giving us a taste of heavenly love and compassion. The world remained awe struck as Nitaichand's love encompassed the despised and the down trodden, the outcaste and the unwanted, the hostile and the hermit. In the time of despair he turned out to be our pillar of strength and inspiration.

Jagganath Roy and Madhab Roy commonly known as Jagai and Madhai were well known drunkards and tyrants of Nabadwip. On being approached by Nitaichand, to mend their ways by chanting the name of the Lord they not only hurled abuses but even physically hurt Him. Although Sri Chaitanya was very much angered and had even summoned the Sudarshan Chakra to decimate these two, Nitaichand intervened and begged mercy on their behalf. Better sense prevailed and the two most unwanted men fell at the feet of Nitaichand, and the Lord - symbol of compassion and mercy embraced and blessed the two.

An incident which occurred while Nitaichand was in Nabadwip in the house of Hiranya Vidyanidhi needs a mention here. A Brahmin by birth and dacoit by profession was lured by the gold ornaments of Nitaichand. He along with his armed comrades tried unsuccessfully on two successive nights to rob Nitaichand. On the third night he tried again but his efforts were threatened by inclement weather. He realized his limitations and the next dawn after a dip in the holy Ganges he went straight to Nitaichand and fell prostrate at His feet. He confessed his misdeeds and also his intention to drown himself in the Ganges. The Lord came forward embraced the dacoit with his both hands. Nitaichand assured the dacoit that if he did not indulge in his profession any further then the Lord himself would forfeit the burden of his sins. Saying this Nitaichand gave the dacoit his garland.

In the year 1509 A.D Chaitanya renounced the world and become an ascetic-sanyasi. His pending departure brought pall of gloom on His near and dear ones foremost of which was Nitaichand. When Sri Chaitanya expressed His desire to visit Vrindaban, Nitaichand foresaw the impact it would have on the people of Nabadwip. In order refrain Sri Chaitanya, Nitaichand took Him along with Himself and meandered here and there for some days. Ultimately He brought Sri Chaitanya to Santipur and handed Him over to Sri Adwaita. On seeing, Adwaita the whole ploy became clear to Sri Chaitanya but then He could do little. Immediately Nitaichand sped to Nabadwip to bring Sachi Debi (mother of Sri Chaitanya) who was on the verge of insanity. Along with Sachi Debi came many denizens of Nabadwip and after twelve days Sachi Debi cooked prasad for Sri Chaitanya, served Him and then partook herself.

After renouncing the world, Sri Chaitanya arrived at Nilachal along with Nitaichand. Here later on Nitaichand blessed the tribal from the mountains of Sherpur in Mymansigh district (presently in Bangladesh). It was as if a stone (from the mountain) was transformed into a diamond. As Sri Chaitanya's heart ached for the salvation of society He summoned Nitaichand and ordered Him to spread "Naam & Prem" (name of God & love) irrespective of caste, creed and religion and into every nook and corner of this world.

Leaving Sri Chaitanya in Gambhira, Nitaichand went about to fulfill his chosen task. The world got a taste of the hitherto untasted and pure love. At this time the country was struck with famine and Nitaichand with the help of Uddharan Dutta jumped in to help the hungry. An area of about 30 bighas was acquired near the present Bandel Rail station and the hungry and destitute were provided food and shelter. He broke the barriers of caste, creed, religion and wealth and placed these starving people on a common platform.

Sri Chaitanya stayed at Gambhira for 18 years. During this period devotees mainly from Bengal visited Him for four months a year. Many discussions were held and important decisions reached. But it was Nitaichand who implemented these decisions. One of them was to establish cultural centers. These cultural centers helped to spread the message of The Lord and the emergence of many a great men.

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