Biography of Sri Sri Tribhanga Das Babaji

Tribhanga Das, born at Kirtipur a nearby village, was a devotee since his boyhood. His mother was Garabini, father Chhabilal. In his boy hood on the order of his father he used to carry puffed rice to the fields for laborers, along with it he used to carry a TULASI tree on a tut too. After performing NAAM Sankirtan on the fields and watering the TULSI tree he would then have his breakfast here with puffed rice. Such was his devotion.

Srimat Tribhanga Das BabajiBefore entering his youth, he met Banwarilal Singh of Panchthupi, Murshidabad and Krishna Chandra Mandal of Kalla, Murshidabad. Both of them were wise and devoted. Their guidance and assistance helped to create a spiritual upliftment in Tribhanga Das. Later on he received 'DIKSHA' (initiation) from a Goswami of JANHAVA DEVI's order. His spiritual consciousness continued growing and he reached the realm of divinity. In the Bengali year 1310, blessed Tribhanga Das got a divine order to visit Puri. The longing to renounce the world overpowered him. He was fortunate to have the favour of RADHARAMAN CHARANDAS DEV MAHASAYA who converted him to VAISHNAVA BHAGABATA 'SANYASA' and he was renamed 'BANWARILAL DAS'. He then stayed at the Jhanjpitha Math of Puri in close association with his master. Jhanjpitha Math had the deity of Radhakanta consecrated by the renowned Narottom Thakur of Kheturi. Radhakanta was worshipped here along with the images of Nitai - Gouranga. He got his final lesson here under the auspice of Radharaman Deva - THE LESSON TO FEEL THE EXISTENCE OF NITYANANDA IN EVERY CREATION AND EVERY CREATION WITHIN NITYANANDA. This is the keynote of religion, which teaches us to serve everyone. During his stay in Jhanjpitha, he met Sri Nabadwip Das, Sri Gobinda Das, Sri Ram Das and other devotees. A close-knit relation grew among them. The concept of love was substantiated. He wanted to spend the rest of his life at Jhanjpitha serving the master. But at about this time, when he was in a mood of blissful peace, Radharaman Deva asked him why he was staying there, being neighbour of Nityananda Janmasthan. He told Tribhanga Das to leave the place and to dedicate his life in the service of Ekchakra, the Birthplace of HIS DIVINE GRACE, LORD NITAICHAND. Tribhanga Das came to Ekchakra and joined Haridasji who was then the Sevait of the place.

Radharaman Deva left for heavenly abode in the Bengali year 1312. A grief stricken Tribhanga Das lost interest in his work. But his master rebuked him in his dream and asked him to offer his service at the BIRTHPLACE of NITYANANDA, which will satisfy the departed soul of the master. Tribhanga Das traveled to various places to glorify the holy place that had been almost forgotten so long. He initiated the religious services that were carried out by the Ashram. The seva also improved. In the Bengali year 1351, on the full moon of Magh, Tribhanga Das breathed his last. The life's devotion to NITYANANDA became complete. The full moon (i.e. PURNACHANDRA) of the RADH was permanently eclipsed. Then the custody of the ashram passed on to Sri Bidhubhusanji, a close associate of Tribhanga Das. On the left side of Biswaruptala there is 'Guru Griha', the tomb of SRIMAT TRIBHANGA DAS BABA, where HIS mortal remains lay buried. A memorial of Tribhanga Das has been built known as 'Guru Griha'. Behind Sasthitala there are situated all the tombs, right from Raghav Pandit upto Haridasji, immediate predecessor of Tribhanga Das.

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