Prominent Sights in and around Ekchakra

The Padmabati Tank 

It is named after NITYANANDA’S mother. Harai Pandit received it as gift from his father-in-law, Mukutanarayan Roy of Mayureswar.

Nari-Pnota, Bakultala or AMARA PITHA

Here under the Bakul tree the umbilical chord of NITYANANDA was buried. In his chilhood, NITYANANDA used to play here with his friends. The branches of tree became snake-like by the touch of His feet. The tree is no more. But some of its branches still exist and excite the heart of devotees. They can be seen here as well as at the Radharaman Bag of Nabadwip and at the Pathbari Ashram of Baranagore, Kolkata – 700035.

Janu Kunda

A sacred pond sanctified by the holy touch of Nityananda. On the last day of Poush a ceremony is held here which, comprises of Gosthalila Kirtan, bhog with flattened rice and distribution of prasad.


The residence of the Brahmin under whose custody Vyasdev left Kunti Devi with the five Pandavas. Here Chongadhari Baba used to spend the whole day with his ‘Giridhari’.


The place where Chongadhari Baba was buried. This great sage was angelus. Once he said that he had attended the marriaqge of Vishnu Das, the maternal uncle of Sree Chaitanya.


The place for rest. After leaving his home forever,Nitaichand sat here for a while at the request of the villagers.


A special place near Yamuna. Here near the bathing ghat a piece of wood came floating for making the image of Bankim Deva. Here the images of Nitai Chand and Gour Sundar are worshipped with Krishna and Balaram.

Banka Rai or ythe temple of Bankimdev

Other than the idols of Banka Rai, Lalitaji and Radha, there are Shalagrams, Yogmaya and Muralidhar.

The temple of Jagannath

With the image of Jagannath and Shakshigopal.


A place for Krishna as cowherd, playing with other cowherds. Banka Rai comes here at Bath ceremony.


He was a famous sadhu

Ekchakreswar Mahadev

The temple of Ekchakreswar Mahadev. The idol was worshipped by Harai Pandit.

Gobrar Math 

A field where Nitaichand held the Gobardhan.


Where Nitaichand acted as Lakshman in “Lakshmaner Shaktishell”.


The field and tank of Kalisara – Kaliyakund. Here Nitaichand enacted the role of Krishna, who tamed the snake ‘Kaliya’.

Kanai Kunda

Nitaichand performed ‘Danlila’.

Chandan Sarobar

Nitaichand played in its water.


Indra, The king of Gods appeared to Nitaichand and expressed his desire to serve him. Nitaichand asked him to make a tank which later on came to be known as Indrasayer.


Nitaichand showed here the demise of Aristasura and the Divine lovemaking of Radha and Krishna.


Nitaichand acted ‘Saptalal Bhed’ and ‘Setubandhan’.


The ‘Bihar Sthali’ (place) of Birchandra Prabhu-Son of NITYANANDA.

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