Accomodation Facility

 Ekchakradham Ashram

The ashram is built beside the temple of Ekchakradham. Accomodation in the ashram can be arranged by informing the temple authorities in advance.

1) For visit and stay, at NITYANANDA JANMASTHAN ASHRAM (NETAIBADI), kindly drop a letter, wait for the reply and then come accordingly. Conversing over telephone is not encouraged.

2) Ring between 8.30 A.M.–9.30 A.M. and 8P.M. – 9 P.M. Be strict to the timings. PHONE No: 03461-220224

3) To meet at Netaibadi ( NITYANANDA JANMASTHAN. BIRCHANDRAPUR. BIRBHUM-731 245. WEST BENGAL. INDIA) or at the City Office (SAHAPARA. RAHARA. KOLKATA-700 118) of Sevamandal, kindly adhere to the designated time.

4) Meeting Hours at NETAIBAD.I (BIRCHANDRAPUR. BIRBHUM) 3-30 P.M. – 4-30 P.M.

5) Meeting Hours at City office (SAHAPARA. RAHARA) of Sevamandal 6 P.M. –7 P.M.
Contact No: 03461-220224, 03461-220350  

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